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With the development of industrial society and the improvement of living standards, people's desire for innovation is increasing day by day. The processing enterprises, mainly in order to meet with the development of science and technology, to create new products and in service to those such as design, development, manufacturing, and other different fields of enterprise. So as to develop new products or improving the existing products, and design new products, in the production prototype, model making give full cooperation and support, to create the value of each other, to achieve a win-win situation.


Some Plastic Materials use for Making Prototype and Model

1. ABS is widely used in general product shell. It has good weld strength and can be surface metalized. Such as water plating, vacuum evaporation plating.

In Newlytrend, you can find the ABS sheet by thickness of 1-200mm and size with 610x1020mm, 1020x1220mm, and 1000x2000mm. Colors can be natural, black and also clear for your choice.




2. Polycarbonate/PC: Good strength, good toughness, good transparency, suitable for Lens and making fine structure product. If to add fiberglass to improve its rigidity and heat-resistant, PC sheet can be used for the production of high rigid parts which is requested in high temperature environment.

In Nelwytrend, you can find the PC sheet by thickenss of 2-100mm and size with 620x1020mm and 1000x2000mm. Colors can be clear and black.




3. PMMA/Acrylic/Organic Glass. It’s a good choice for, making the best transparency material. PMMA can be dyeing, electroplating, spraying, screen printing etc... The weld strength is not as good as ABS, its weaknesses is fragile.

In Newlytrend, you can find the Cast Acrylic sheet by thickness of 20-300mm and size with 1240x2440mm and 1500x2500mm or cut to size. Clear color.




4. POM/ Acetal: POM has good electrical insulations and dielectric properties, high mechanical strength and rigidity and low co-efficient of friction. So POM suit for making gears, cams, Bushings, clips, lugs, door handles, housings, fuel systems, seat-belt components, steering columns, window support brackets, cranks, handles.

In Newlytrend, you can find the POM sheets by thickness of 5-150mm and size with 610x1220mm and 1000x2000mm. Colors can be Natural and Black.




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