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Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheet/PMMA sheet  


1. PERSPEX Acrylic Sheet is a most useful material in the workshop ,because it can be used to make precision engineering components for both domestic and industrial products. Typical applications include interior /exterior decorative material ( special wall panel ) ,signs,glazing, safety screening, rooflighting, furniture, lighting fittings and a great many industrial parts for the medical and chemical industries


2. Properties of PERSPEX Acrylic Sheet

A. Exceptional light transmission with virtually no colour bias -even in thick blocks.

B. Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering.

C. Good resistance to impact.

D. High gloss, hard surface.

E. High tensile strength and rigidity.

F. Easily thermoformable with simple workshop tools.

G. Easy to clean.

H. Capable of being fully recycled.


3. Acrylic Sheet Size:

Acrylic Sheet




with raw edge size 1300x2500mm, 1600x2600mm 


with raw edge size 2150x3150mm


with raw edge size 2100x4100mm, 2150x5150mm, 2600x8150mm